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Hope in the Political Sphere

One of the highlights of attending Drew University is what is known as The Drew Forum.  More specifically it is called The Thomas H. Kean Visiting Lectureship.  To quote the very thorough program I received: The Thomas H. Kean Visiting Lectureship was established by former Drew University President Tom Kean to annually bring to campus a political scientist, historian, or statesman of exceptional national or international prominence to deliver a … More on This

GOP Insiders Say Race Is Over, But Do Voters Agree? (The Note)

Steven Senne/AP Photo By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) and AMY WALTER (@amyewalter) MILWAUKEE, Wis. — When we look back on this year’s Wisconsin primary, we’ll probably think of it as the moment when everything changed The Badger State, which holds the most consequential of today’s three primaries , represents the culmination of Mitt Romney’s two-part strategy to swamp his opponent on the television airwaves and to circle the Republican Party wagons … More on This

In the Past is Our Future

History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside. ~John F. Kennedy~ I have always had a great fascination with ancient history and mythology from all over the world.  Figures like Cleopatra VII, Alexander the Great, King Arthur, King Tutankhamen, and more are fascinating to me not just because of their accomplishments and marks on … More on This

Through Remembrance, Understanding

There are no words that can really express the horror that humanity is capable of.  We have such selective memories, storing all the good times and more irrelevant inanities such as celebrity gossip, release dates, etc.  And yet that which hurts us, be it emotional or physical, we push away until we have either grown to numb ourselves against it and ignore its presence or forget the thing entirely. Why … More on This

Better Than I Know Myself ~ Adam Lambert

I know this is late considering the video was released at the start of the month, but I’m sharing this because I absolutely love this music video. I have been a fan of Adam for quite awhile now and I can honestly say that despite thinking that I couldn’t be any more impressed, I am happy to say I was wrong.  Better Than I Know Myself is every bit of … More on This

Welcome! I have been working with graduate and undergraduate students at Drew University for the last 3 years, helping them learn to better utilize the technology at their disposal.

But only in their dreams can men be truly free,
'Twas always thus, and always thus will be.
~John Keating